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  • Matt and Lisa Maurer
    Owners/General Managers

    Matt and Lisa have 7 children and currently reside in Hollsopple, Pa.

    Matt and Lisa Maurer enjoy spending time with their family and grand children every chance they get. As of right now, they have 11 grand children and one on the way! The "Maurerville" population just keeps growing and growing!

    Matt and Lisa are active members in their church at St. Peter's Parish in Somerset, Pa.  

  • Rick Dziagwa
    Parts Specialist

    Rick Dziagwa is one of our newest members to the B.J. Maurer Team. Rick is excellent in his department and will be glad to assist you in any of your automotive parts needs. 

    Rick has been in the automotive industry for 2 years and continues to be a driving force for us here at B.J. Maurer Motors. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Rick's favorite food is Steak and Potatoes.

    In his spare time, Rick enjoys reading, Hiking, and Long Range Target Shooting. 

  • Brady Lisbon

    Brady Lisbon is currently a high school student at North Star. Brady is a multi-sport athlete and a hard working individual. He pays attention to detail and is a great addition to the B.J. Maurer Team. 

    With 4 years into the automotive industry, Brady has excellent product knowledge skills. He knows how to get vehicles into tip-top shape before our customers take delivery. 

    Fun Facts:

    Brady's favorite food is sushi.

    Brady enjoys playing sports and hunting. 

  • Nick Shashaguay
    Service Advisor

    Nick is one of the newest members to join the B.J. Maurer Team. Nick is an excellent member of our dealership especially within the Service Department. He expresses great knowledge within the industry and will work his best to keep every customer happy and satisfied. 

    Nick has been working in the automotive industry for 5 months and enjoys delivering quality to all who pass through our doors. 

    Fun Facts:

    Nick's favorite food consists of Tacos... Taco Casserole... and Taco Pizza. I guess you could say he just really loves tacos.... 

    Outside of work, nick enjoys fishing, rock climbing, video games, and staying in shape by hitting the gym. 

  • Brady Berkey
    Detail Specialist

    Brady Berkey is one of the newest members of the B.J. Maurer Team. He has been in the automotive industry for 4 years and he enjoys making cars return to their most prime condition. He has immense product knowledge in a variety of chemicals and tools to help bring any vehicle back to excellent condition. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Brady's favorite food consists of steak & potatoes. 

    Outside of work, Brady enjoys hunting, fishing, and riding his dirt bike. 

  • Billy McClellan
    Senior Master Technician

    Billy has been on the B.J. Maurer Team for many many years. Billy has immense knowledge in the industry and is able to diagnose and correct at an impressive level. Billy takes pride in his work and won't quit until the job is done at a satisfactory level.

  • Toby Dubstadt
    Automotive Technician

    Toby is one of the newest members to the B.J. Maurer Team! 

    Toby is starting his career in the automotive industry and is proving to be an outstanding professional. Before starting his career at B.J. Maurer Ford Toby has been helping his father in the shop ever since he can remember. 

    Fun Facts:

    Toby's favorite food is pizza.

    Outside of work Toby enjoys spending time with his family and friends and also enjoys hunting. 

  • Steve Stiffie
    Automotive Technician

    Steve is one of the newest members to join the B.J. Maurer Team! 

    Steve has been in the automotive industry for 4 years and is determined to solve all issues with any vehicle.

    Fun Facts: 

    Steve's favorite food is anything seafood! 

    In Steve's spare time, he enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and fishing. 

  • Benjamin Wilson
    New&Used Sales Associate

    Ben Wilson is the newest addition to our Sales Team here at B.J. Maurer Ford. We are excited to welcome Ben to the family!

    Ben is a recent graduate of Lock Haven University where he obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Sport's Management. He also played soccer for LHU for 4 years! 

    Fun Facts:

    Ben's favorite food is tacos.

    Outside of work he enjoys hunting, trapping, fishing, and playing golf. 

    With Ben's love for golf, he was drawn to become a caddy at Laurel Valley during the 2019 season. 

  • Bob Page
    Sales Professional

  • Gloria Dresser
    Business Manager

  • Ryan Lauf
    Sales Manager

  • Chris Maurer
    Certified Sr. Sales Professional

    Chris Maurer is the first of three sons of Betty Ann and B.J. Maurer Jr.. 

    Chris and his wife are both members at All Saints Parish in Boswell and are also members of the Development Club at Chris's Alma Mater, Saint Vincent College. 

    Chris is also a part of the Prison Christian Growth Group.

    Fun Facts: 

    Chris's favorite food is anything that his wife, Diane, makes!  

    In his free time he enjoys spending time with his wife Diane, son Tim, daughter in law Danielle, and especially his granddaughter Gabby! 

    Chris's son Tim is the Head PGA Professional at the Peninsula Golf Club. On a nice day you can most likely find Chris playing a round of golf at the Peninsula Course. 

    Chris also enjoys fishing and camping in God's Country, Potter County! 

  • Luke Maurer
    Sales Consultant

    Luke Maurer has been around the dealership for as long as he can remember. He first learned how to properly detail vehicles and get them showroom ready. He then transitioned into delivering parts and learning about the service department.

    Luke currently handles the content and social marketing as well as sales. 

    Fun Facts:

    Luke's favorite food is sushi... more specifically the Yellowtail roll or any other fresh raw fish. 

    Outside of work Luke enjoys spending time in the outdoors, spending time with his friends and family, and enjoys learning new things. 

    He also enjoys golfing, especially at the Peninsula Course where his cousin, Tim Maurer, son of salesman Chris Maurer, is the head PGA professional. 

  • Ray Weber
    Service Director

  • Don Troxel
    Service Manager

    Don Troxel has been in the automotive industry for 46 years! WOW! Along with his many years of experience, Don has an array of experience and product knowledge. 

    Don will be at your service with any question you may have and he will find a solution to your problem with confidence. 

    Fun Facts:

    Don's favorite food is pizza!

    Outside of work Don enjoys spending time with his family and boating at Raystown Lake. 

  • Adam Maurer
    Shop Foreman/Certified Technician

    Adam Maurer one of our Certified Technicians as well as the Shop Foreman. Adam served in the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division and served multiple tours in Afghanistan. He is currently in the National Guard. 

    Adam is a top performer and is motivated to exceed all customer expectations. His skills and work ethic prove to be such a beneficial factor in the success of the dealership.

    Fun Facts: 

    Adam's favorite food is pizza. 

    Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his wife and kids. He also enjoys hunting, fishing, and helping out his friends and family with various projects. 

  • Mike Hersch
    Master Certified Technician

    Mike Hersch is one of our Master Certified Technicians. Mike is an excellent part of the B.J. Maurer Ford Team and will try his hardest to diagnose and fix every issue that comes his way. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Mike just might make you cry on the golf course. Outside of work, he is a major threat on the course and will show you what back to back to back birdies look like. 

    Aside from being a tough competitor for Tiger Woods, Mike is a humble guy who likes to spend time with his family. 

  • Greg Gindlesperger
    Certified Technician

  • Jason Coulter
    Parts Manager

  • Amber Snyder
    Parts Advisor

  • Keith Conn

    Keith has been a part of the B.J. Maurer Team for many years. Keith is excellent at controlling and making sure everything is taken care of in order to keep business flowing properly. 

    Fun Facts:

    Keith's enjoys eating fresh asparagus and other fresh vegetables. 

    Outside of work Keith enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports, cycling, and continuing to make the most out of life.

    Keith is also a force to be reckoned with on the golf course. He makes for an excellent golf buddy and is known to crack a joke or two. 

  • Wilma Horner
    Customer Service Manager

    Wilma Horner has been an outstanding part of the B.J. Maurer Team for more than 7 years. She is our Customer Service Manager and will do anything and everything to ensure quality interaction with all of our customers. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Wilma went out of her comfort zone and ate an Alligator Tail before!

    Wilma's favorite food consists of beef, salads, fresh veggies, and ham pot pie. 

    Outside of work, Wilma enjoys spending time with her husband and her family. She especially loves spending time with her grandchildren Eva and Gage. 

    Wilma is an avid cook book collector.. how cool is that! She is also an active member in her church  and is a member in the theatre group at her church!  

    Wilma is an all around great/intersting person and you can clearly see why she is the PERFECT fit for our Customer Service Manager. 

  • Whitney Lauf
    Secretary/Customer Service

    Whitney Lauf is a new member to the B.J. Maurer Team. Whitney is the wife of our Sales Manager, Ryan Lauf.  

    Whitney has been an excellent addition to our team and helps keep the every day hustle and bustle under control. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Whitney's favorite food is sushi! 

    Outside of work, Whitney enjoys spending time with her family. She is a mother of 4 and is constantly on the run whether it be sports practice, picking the kids up from school, or just being an awesome mom! 

    Whitney is also an excellent cook. She provides the sales team with weekly meals to keep them in tip-top shape! 

  • Joe Lepley
    Recon Specialist

    Joe has been a great addition to our team for the past 5 years. Joe specializes in the reconditioning side of our business and proves to be an excellent team member. When asked about getting into the car business, Joe stated "I love it and I wouldn't change a thing." 

    Fun Facts:

    Some of Joe's favorite food consist of Deer Jerky, Kielbasi & Sauerkraut, and Peach Cobbler.

    Outside of work, he enjoys Trout Fishing, Visiting Family, and Spend Time With His Wife. 

  • Fuzz

    Fuzz is a special member of the B.J. Maurer Team. He was picked up at the local Somerset County Fair in 2018 and continues to make himself at home in the B.J. Maurer Ford Showroom.  

    Fuzz does his best to attract every customer who passes his section. He is known for taking many pictures with our customers and also for always having a wild smile on his face. 

    Fun Facts: 

    Fuzz stands at about 8 feet and 5 inches tall! 

    Fuzz's favorite food consists of homemade brownies and cookies that get delivered fresh every week to the dealership. 

    Outside of working hours Fuzz likes to watch over our showroom and act as a watch squatch for the store.